• About iNODE

    What is iNODE?

    iNODE is an applications software product that provides connection services, upgrades the internet access capabilities for a corporation, while providing a low cost VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution.

    Who is iNODE designed for?

    iNODE is the optimum networking solution for small and medium sized companies that seek to minimize networking costs without compromising corporate needs. It also enables mobile users to access the corporate network in a secure manner with just a simple connection with the Internet.

    How is iNODE different from other solutions?

    INODE offers a suite of applications for

    • What do I need to set up my own private network?
    • What about security against hackers and viruses?
    • Which internet connection types are supported?
    • Can I really administer iNODE from anywhere?
    • Do I need an IT manager to set up iNODE?
    • How do I set iNODE's firewall? Is it complicated?
    • How do I connect iNODE to the Internet and my network?
    • What type of firewall does iNODE have?

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  • About linux

    Do I need to have Linux skills in order to administer iNODE

    iNODE is build in such a way as to eliminate possible interaction with the operating system. The administration and configuration is solely done through the web interface with the use of a web browser.

    Can I have Linux shell access?

    iNODE is build so that you can not access any Unix functionality.

    Can I install my own application(s)?

    iNODE does not offer such functionality since it is a closed application in itself and due to the fact that it operates a vital part of the network infrastructure.

    Why should I use iNODE and not another Custom Linux system?

    The major difference has to do with the fact the iNODE is a product. It offers specific functionality and is a closed system minimizing support costs. A custom Linux system offers excess flexibility with the cost of deep knowledge in order to maintain it. The administrator of the system should have a sound understanding of Linux and the affiliated open source software applications that come with it. In addition, it is required to have an understanding of each individual installation since each installation differs from another. iNODE is offered from a network of trained and certified re-sellers. It is equipped with documentation and technical support.

    Is iNODE developed from scratch?

    iNODE is based on open source projects that have been widely used, tested and are reliable and stable.

    Since it is based on open source software, why is it a closed system (GPL - Licensing)?

    The GPL license has absolutely no restriction except from the copyleft. The manufacturer is obliged by the copyleft to make available to all users the source code that has been altered and used in the system. Thus the open source license does not restrict the distribution of a closed box Linux system for security reasons. All iNODE services are based on open source code and have been configured and integrated so that they all work together without any problems.

    Email Server - sendmail, gnupop3, fetcmail
    VPN Server - poptop, strongswan
    Fax Server - hylafax
    File Server - Samba
    Proxy Server - squid

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  • About the filesystem

    What happens if the system is abnormally terminated due to power failure?

    The filesystem supports journaling which means that regardless of the abnormal termination the filesystem maintains its integrity. Every 15 startups the system checks the filesystem and if it is needed it automatically fixes any faults that may be identified.

    Is it possible to recover data from the hard disk?

    It is your responsibility to keep backups of all the data that is stored on the system. After a system failure you can restore the data from your latest backup. The system administrator can keep backups of all the system configuration together with the emails and fax data.

    Is it possible to install iNODE on a RAID system or a SCSI hard disk?

    iNODE only supports installation on a IDE hard disk. The following release of iNODE will support all available hard disk controllers.

    Is it possible to make a copy of the iNODE's hard disk?

    iNODE's hard disk can be copied to another hard disk of the same size using any of the available disk cloning tools. This way you may "install" the iNODE to another system without using the installation CD.

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  • About iNODE licensing

    I have the installation CD. Can I install it and use it for trial purposes?

    The iNODE's installation CD is the same whether you have purchased the iNODE system or you are installing it for trial or demo purposes. Once installed and configured through the start up wizard the system will operate for 30 days. If you decide to purchase the system then you can contact your local reseller or the manufacturer.

    I have purchased iNODE. Can I install it on two or more system?

    When installed iNODE locks the MAC address of the network card. Every license purchased is matched with one MAC address on the system that will operate. The installation on another system requires a second license. If you transfer the hard disk from one system to another then you will have to transfer the network card as well. In any other case the system will cease to work.

    My network card has failed. Can I replace it?

    Of course. Once you installed the new network card you will have to contact your reseller.

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  • About performance

    Can all services operate on the same machine?

    This depends on the number of users on the network. It also depends on how loaded is the system in terms of services demand as well as the network connection speed. Usually you should plan ahead the installation of the system and have identified all possible bottlenecks and split the system into 2 or more systems.

    How fast can iNODE route packets?

    Much faster than the simple routers. Even the faster router (except the specialized routers) does not have a fast CPU from the common one used in the PCs. In any case Linux offers a very well designed kernel for the IP stack and the manufacturer has taken care to configure the stack in such a way as to route packets as fast as possible. Common cases of interconnection with the internet up to 2Mbps cause no hassle to the system runs concurrently all services such as email, VPN, Proxy. iNODE can reach its hardware limits of the WAN speed is greater that 100 Mbps.

    How many concurrent VPN tunnels are supported?

    Practically unlimited. Although this depends on the hardware (CPU, RAM) and the WAN connection speed. A Celeron 2.4GHz CPU can AES encode concurrently up to 10.000 tunnels with total access speed of 140Mbps.

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  • About security

    How secure is the internal LAN with iNODE?

    With integrated Unmanaged Firewall, iNODE does not allow any connection to external connection to the LAN. It only allows connections to its public services such as the E-mail & VPN Server.

    Can I administer the unmanaged Firewall?

    The Unmanaged Firewall has preset rules so that it protects a LAN from any possible attack. The administrator can allow or disallow user access from the LAN to certain Internet services such as (HTTP, FTP, ICMP).

    How often the antivirus definitions get updated?

    The antivirus system offers a well designed functionality for updating itself with new virus definition files or scan engine updates when they are available or when it is first connected to the internet. You can define who must be notified (Antivirus Administrator) in any antivirus update.

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  • General Questions

    Can iNODE be monitored through an NMS solution?

    iNODE supports SNMP through which it can publish SNMPv2 information with regards to the network ports. It is also possible to be monitored through an NMS software system if this system has access to its services through TCP, UDP, ICMP queries.

    Can I schedule Automatic Backups?

    Of course. Each backup system that can have access to files through http can be used for this purpose.

    What is included in the INODE support contract?

    It includes all software updates and support through the reseller that iNODE was purchased.

    I have problems with the installation procedure. Where can I get help?

    All support services are offered through the reseller network which are certified from the manufacturer. Through the certified reseller you can get all the assistance you might need. In case there is a major problem the reseller can contact the manufacturer and together they can give a solution to your problem.

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    Additional information

    Additional information or assistance with issues regarding iNODE can be obtained by contacting us.

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