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File size 22 MB
Requires iNODE version 1.5.1
Date Published 22/11/2007 18:40


iNODE™ BootFix CD iso image

This image contains a BootFix utility which will fix your iNODE™ boot sequence in case of boot problems described below. It will not affecting the existing hard disk iNODE™ configuration and user data. Your system should be booted from this BootFix CD.

This iso image can be used in cases where we need to:

  1. change the disk controller for a Hard disk with an existing iNODE™ installation (e.g. Adaptec to LSI)
  2. make a cloned iNODE™ disk bootable. The new disk should be of the same geometry.
  3. to Fix iNODE™ boot sequence on a hard disk with an existing installation.
For any further details please contact iNODE™ support at: support(a)
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