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Requires iNODE version 1.9.8
Date Published 27/11/2023 22:55


This patch will fix known bugs for iNODE™ v1.9.8. and is possible to be installed on any installation with a valid contract.

Bugs fixes that are being included are:

  • Bug #2916: Direct to cloud backup
    It is now possible to perform a cloud backup task without temporarily storing the backup file in a local storage pool. Selecting "Direct to cloud" backup mode, the generated backup file is stored directly to the cloud storage. This has the benefit that no extra local disk space is required. The drawback is that in case something happens and the connection to the cloud service is lost, the backup task will fail. It is not possible to resume the operation in this case. Also, not all cloud services support this feature. Only services that have the StreamUpload feature should use this mode.
  • Bug #2950: Windows OpenVPN client DNS settings behavior
    OpenVPN may provide DNS settings for the clients. In some cases, windows clients may prefer using DNS servers from other interfaces, resulting in unexpected client behavior. A new setting is introduced, targetting only windows OpenVPN clients. This setting, when enabled, will push a directive to the OpenVPN clients that will block all DNS traffic outside the VPN tunnel. This fixes the issue. Non-windows OpenVPN clients will ignore this directive.
  • Bug #2951: Direct (HTTPS/system FTP download) mail and fax backup not working
    Attempting to generate a mail or fax backup that will be directly download via HTTP or using the system FTP will fail with an error. This fixes the issue.
  • Bug #2972: Elliptic curve cipher suites not available on MTA
    Mail server's MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) did not support using any elliptic curve ciphers when using STARTTLS as SMTP server. This may cause failure to accept email from mail servers that only support ciphers with elliptic curve cryptography. When acting as SMTP client (sending email to another server) the server could use these cipher suites when initiating STARTTLS. This is now fixed and elliptic curve cipher suites are available both when acting as SMTP server and as SMTP client.
  • Bug #2965: Migration of local user database to LDAP fails
    Migrating the local user database to the LDAP authentication backend would fail. The migration process now works as expected.
  • Bug #2966: LDAP password complexity check disabled when policy created
    When creating a new LDAP password policy and checking the complexity checks, the policy is created successfully but with complexity checks disabled. Complexity checks could be enabled afterwards by editing the policy. This has now been fixed.

It should only be installed on release 1.9.8 via update page of web management interface ( "Maintenance::System::Update").
Note: Application of this patch will reboot the system, so you need to properly scheduled it in your convenient time frame.

MD5 Checksum: 499a29f19712268e11b2667530848c43

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