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Requires iNODE version 1.8.7
Date Published 30/12/2016 14:59


This patch includes bugfixes for iNODE™ v1.8.7 so can be installed on any installation with a valid contract.

Following is the list of issues included :
  • Issue #1857 TLS rules not working for outgoing email when email content filtering is enabled It is possible to specify a TLS rule for outgoing email to a specific mail server (either to completely disable TLS or specify an encryption strength threshold). Those rules were not taken into account when email content filtering is active. The problem has now been fixed and all TLS rules work as expected.
  • Issue #2074 Brute force protection status page paging problems When paging is activated (total number of IPs > IPs per page), the "Monitoring :: Firewall Service :: Brute Force Protection" form only displays the first page of IPs and reports that the total number of blocked IPs is equal to the number of IPs per page. The page has been redesigned and paging works now as expected.
  • Issue #2080 Brute force protection status page very slow with a large number of IPs The "Monitoring :: Firewall Service :: Brute Force Protection" page takes a long time to display with a large number of banned IPs. The problem occurs because a reverse DNS lookup occurs for each IP in order to display a corresponding hostname. The page has now been redesigned and a "Disable IP Resolve" button has been added in order to prevent the lookups that take too long.
  • Issue #2083 Cannot import unencrypted private key file Attempting to import a certificate from .pem/.key files is not possible when the .key file is not encrypted, since a private key password is always required. The password is no longer required for unencrypted key files.
  • Issue #2064 Large T38 log files T38 trace log files may fail to download from "Maintenance :: Log Maintenance :: Brute Force Protection" or may become too big when downloading as it contain large chunks of null bytes. The problem is now fixed. Note that this only fixes the problem for new logs so it is advised to delete any problematic log files.
  • Issue #2063 Mailing list member validation fails for user's subfolder Attempting to add a subfolder of a user's mailbox as the target of a mailing list (username+subfolder form) fails with an error message stating that it is not a valid mailing list member name. Validation has been fixed now allowing the addition of a user's subfolder as a mailing list member.
  • Issue #2087 Warning on System Status page A warning is displayed on system status page when no SCSI devices are present on the system.

This patch should only be installed on release 1.8.7 via update page of web management interface ( "Maintenance::System::Update").
Note: Application of this patch doesn't reboot the system but performs restart of email service.

MD5 Checksum: bf48aab9cef6d8c525f60e3c58c7c2a2

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