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Requires iNODE version 1.8.5
Date Published 22/07/2015 11:21


This patch includes bugfixes for iNODE™ v1.8.5. The patch can be installed on any installation with a valid contract.

This patch includes fixes of the following issues :
  • Issue #1808 Mail messages remain in content filtering queue causing delays
    Mail messages containing sender or recipients (even only in headers (To:, From:)) in domains that experience DNS problems, fail to be delivered. The failure is temporary, causing the messages to remain in email content filtering queue or email queue, in case email content filtering is not available. Messages in the queue are periodically retried to be sent and fail again causing general mail delivery delays. All messages are now processed and delivered properly without any delays.
  • Issue #1809 Content delivery data courier tasks fail to authenticate
    Data courier tasks (file server replication) that use authentication would fail. The error message in the logs states that the authentication failed. The tasks should complete successfully now, if the username and password provided are correct.

This patch should only be installed on release 1.8.5 via update page of web management interface ( "Maintenance::System::Update").
Note: Application of this patch will reboot the system.

MD5 Checksum: f9ddea5490440a4c2d6eddf753bd94d4

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