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Requires iNODE version 1.8.1
Date Published 20/05/2014 20:24


This patch includes priority bugfixes of iNODE™ v1.8.1. The patch can be installed on any installation with a valid contract.

The fixed issues included in this patch are:

Issue #1559
CPU usage would slowly but steadily increase over time, in case there are many and frequent authentications to any of the services

Issue #1560
A misleading message stating an incompliance with the current license agreement would appear in some cases in the first page of the administrative web interface, when the system is under heavy load.

This patch should only be installed on release 1.8.1 via update page of web management interface ( "Maintenance::System::Update").
Note: This patch does not reboot the system.

MD5 Checksum: 24ae1e5941abab356c1187c4d37cc3b8

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