Setting Up Fax Client on Windows

30 November, 2004

Setting up a windows client to be able to send fax using iNODE™ fax server

There are two main ways of sending fax through the iNODE™ fax server:

  1. Either using the integrated fax printer provided by the iNODE™ file server (This option is only available if you have also a file server license), or
  2. using a third party hylafax client

In this howto we'll describe in detail the first option. For the second option the most appropriate place for getting setup and configuration details are probably the home page of the client or the home page of the software creator / supporter of the client.

Configuration of iNODE™

In order to be able to send fax using the fax printer provided by iNODE™ file server two things must be set up:

1. First make sure the file server option of iNODE™ is already enabled. In order to enable the file server goto Configuration -> File Service -> General Settings (If this menu is not available then you probably don't have a license for the file server and thus you can not use this way of sending fax and you need a third party client).

Next to the "File Server Status" option click on the "Enable" button. No other settings are needed for the file server, you don't even have to setup any share point.

2. Make sure that the user that will be sending the fax has access to the file server. In order to give access to the user goto Configuration -> System -> User Management and edit the specified user. On the User rights table make sure that both Fax service and File service are checked:

3. Also make sure that the user will be able to receive notifications from the fax server (user has a working mailbox and can receive email). If the mail server used is not the integrated mail server make sure that the user's mailbox exists on the Email domain set up in Configuration -> Fax Service -> General Settings.

Now you are ready to setup the windows client that will be sending fax.

Windows client configuration

From the windows client open a windows explorer and on Address where the path is displayed type the network path of the iNODE™. That is \\, folowed by the local area network IP of the iNODE™ (in case the client is connected through a vpn connection (pptp or l2tp/ipsec) the VPN server IP can be used).

When you press enter you should see a popup asking for the credentials to login to the file server.

Enter the username and the password of the user that has access to the file and fax server.

If you have windows XP professional or above there should be a checkbox "Remember my password". It is recommended to check this setting now, otherwise you will have to do this step every time you want to send a fax after a reboot.

Browsing the iNODE™ file server you should be able to see a shared printer named "fax".

Double click on the fax printer. Windows should start the Add printer Wizard asking you to select the printer driver to be used for the printer. Although any postscript driver would work, it is recommended to use the HP LaserJet III Postscript Cartridge v52.2 printer driver.

Sending a Fax Document

Now that the client is also setup you are ready to send any fax document simply by printing on the fax printer installed.

Open the document that you wish to send and print on the fax printer.

Wait a few seconds and check your email. You should have received an email notification from the fax server with subject "FAX SERVER :: Complete your FAX" containing a link for the fax sending web interface. This link is valid for 2 hours. After that, if the document is not sent it will be automatically deleted.

Click on the url and you should see the fax sending interface on your default browser.

On the left side of the page you can type the fax numbers of the destinations. Note that for multiple destinations you must type each number in a new line. Do not enter a comma separated list of numbers, this will not work.

Fill up at least one destination number and any other options you think you need to change.

A preview of the fax document to be sent is available using the Preview FAX link under the Send button on the right bottom of the page. Finally click on the Send button.

Your fax should now be queued for sending.

You can monitor the sending progress from iNODE™'s user's web interface. The interface is available in port 9236 (http) or 9237 (https) of the iNODE™, or port 80 in versions older than 1.5.0.

iNODE™User's Interface Logon

iNODE™User's Interface

For any further help please consult your reseller or iNODE™ Support team


iNODE™ Support Team