Outlook and iNODE™ Groupware Synchronization

07 November, 2004

Outlook and iNODE™ Groupware Synchronization


Today the number of users that need to access their personal information management (PIM) data from anywhere, either by the perspective of geographical location or from that of operating system (PDA, Desktop, mobile), has increased.

iNODE™ Groupware allows users to have access to their PIM data from everywhere due to its web nature. Many of them are using Microsoft Outlook which is the mainstream communications tool for business. So we are publishing the current article for anyone who need to synchronize PIM data between Outlook and iNODE™ Groupware.

Synchronization of any PIM Tool with other similar tools should be based on a synchronization industry standard which is the SyncML standard ( http://www.openmobilealliance.org/tech/affiliates/syncml/syncmlindex.html), supported by the majority of mobile and PDA vendors.

SyncML support of iNODE™ Groupware applications has been improved but it is currently still under development. SyncML clients (PDAs, Mobiles, etc) may not synchronize properly with it. For Outlook synchronization we've tested an obsolete version (2.0.34) of the open source Funambol client (former sync4j) which seems to work perfectly with any version of Outlook. You can download sync4j v2.0.34 Outlook plug-in from:


Until SyncML support on horde groupware becomes stable we will not provide any support on SyncML. Also we will not provide any warranty by using this plugin. You can use the instructions provided in this document at your own risk of any possible data loss or system instability.

Plugin Installation

Installation of Sync4j client is a straight forward procedure and it is known to work with any version of Microsoft Outlook until the latest one and even on Vista. You have to run sync4j-outlook-2.0.34.exe. Outlook redemption notifications may be shown from time to time for some versions of Outlook with integrated security enhancements. You have to agree with the terms and conditions of Outlook Redemption in order to proceed. Outlook Redemption is a dynamic link library used by sync4j to access Outlook PIM data storage by overcoming the security enhancements of Outlook.

After successful installation you should run the Installed plugin either from the start menu of from sync4j menu of MS-Outlook. The client looks like the following screenshot:

The installation is then successful.

Plugin Configuration

After installing Sync4j you should configure it for use with iNODE™ Groupware. Please follow the following steps:

1. Select Edit->Communication Settings from the plugin's menu. The following window should appear on your screen:

2. Enter http://<iNODE hostname or address>/rpc.php on SyncServer URL. Please ask your Administrator for your iNODE™ hostname or address. Also enter your iNODE™ user account name and password on the other fields. Press OK button.

3. Select Edit->Synchronization Settings from the plugin's main menu. The following window should appear on your screen:

4. Select the categories of your PIM data you need to be synchronized between Outlook and Groupware. For example check all categories (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes) like the previous screenshot.

5. Press the Remote Settings button. The following window should appear on your screen:

6. Complete the fields like the screenshot above (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes) and press OK. Press OK again.

After completing all steps you should be able to synchronize your Outlook with iNODE™ Groupware. You can do so by pressing Synchronize button on the plugin window.

More info about Outlook and Horde SyncML synchronization on the following URL : http://wiki.horde.org/SyncHowTo

iNODE™ Support Team