File Server

iNODE enables you to share files and documents with other users on the network.

The administrator of the system defines shared folders called Sharepoints.

Access permissions are configured in a simple way at the sharepoint, all the files in that sharepoint, child sharepoints, all the files in child sharepoints, and so on.

On each of the Sharepoints, the administrator can define certain access rights (read / write etc) for each individual LAN or VPN user.

These shared folders can be constrained for each user depending on the IP used or the number of concurrent connection to the service.

The file names and folder names follow the UTF-8 encoding standard supporting all the known languages.

File Server
  • Easy to implement

    All-in-one functionality makes setup fast and easy.
  • Easy to manage

    Point-and-click web-based GUI manager for easy administration.
  • Cost-effective

    Low per-user licensing fees; Not technical staff required.
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