CA Management

With iNODE's CA Manager the issue of electronic certificates is an easy task. The certificates can be used for any purpose i.e. secure email, IPSec, SSL, etc. if and only if they x.509v3 standard is being followed.

The CA Management system can be certified from the responsible security person (self signed authority) or from some certified authority that signs certificates (trusted certification authority). In the first case the use of the certificates can only be trusted in a narrow circle of users i.e. within an organization and its' partners. In the second case the certificates can be trusted by any organization or individuals that trust the authority that signs them or issues them i.e. the root CA. In addition the system is secured by a CA manager password.

The administrator of the system can cancel a certificate, issue a new certificate or distribute a certificate. The system is in a position to automatically install a certificate as a VPN certificate to be used by the IPSec system.

CA Manager