With the use of email so prevalent in business communications and the threat of viruses being so real, networks must be protected.

  • Full automatic update of scan engine and virus definition file.

  • Protect your data, computers and server from viruses.

  • Protect Unlimited Domains.

  • Virus scans all in-bound and out-bound email.

iNODE is equipped with antivirus capabilities. Each incoming email message is checked. In case an infected message is found, the senders as well as the administrator of the system are notified.

This subsystem uses 3rd party OEM tools and it can operate with one or two search engines at the same time. This way the possibility of identifying a virus increases while the time frame of exposure to a virus from the time it starts spreading is minimized.


New virus definitions updates are automatically done whenever they are available.

The administrator of the system does not have to do anything at all with regards to this matter, while the system keeps him notified in any case.

When an infected message is identified then the system notifies the recipient as well as the sender of the message while the message itself gets destroyed.

The mail server is the first point of contact for email in the network, by eliminating the viruses here, you can prevent the virus from being sent to employees, customers, or associates.

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