Network Security is assured with a built-in, pre-configured firewall to protect sensitive information and network operations from intruders Inside or outside the organization's network. iNode supports a wide range of security services such as:

  • Firewall

    Firewall provides ongoing security for computers and servers on your network. Enhanced with statefull inspection protects private data while offering network users full Internet access. NAT hides organization's internal network from the Internet providing additional protection from hackers. Learn more »
  • Antivirus

    Antivirus provides real time scanning of all incoming and outgoing email for unlimited users. Learn more »
  • Proxy Caching Server

    Proxy Caching Server provides full web proxy/filtering/caching, Bandwidth Management features, User access control (by IP, user, time, url, etc). iNode proxy server also supports Proxy Authentication, Cache size selection and Cache policy. Learn more »
  • VPN Server

    VPN Server allows the easy and secure communication and exchange of information from outside the network supporting both PPTP and IPSec gateway. Learn more »
  • Advanced Firewall

    Advanced Firewall protects the organizations against a wide range of threats to security and productivity. It provides the security features of the built-in firewall plus VPN, Antivirus, Content Filtering and QoS (bandwidth management). iNode Advanced Firewall is enhanced with special services such as Security assessment, Full customizations and monthly reports. Learn more »
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