iNODE™ v1.9.4 Released

08 April, 2020

iNODE version 1.9.4 has just been publicly released after extensive testing. This release includes many new and exciting features and enhancements, along with a variety of bug fixes.

The most noticeable new features and enhancements are the following:

  • Online Office Suite (Web-based, all browsers supported)
  • We have established a back-end contract with Collabora Online and we have developed a direct Collaboration Suite integration with their Online Office Suite (Collabora Online). iNODE Collaboration Suite users are now able to create and edit documents directly on Collaboration Suite application from anywhere using any browser. Moreover, users are able to collaborate and co-author any document, spreadsheet or presentation using Collabora Online using browser. This is a new File Server's add-on option for customers using Collaboration Suite.

  • New System Dashboard
  • We have designed a new very useful tool for real-time system status. The new system dashboard is available as a home page on Admin UI for better system monitoring.

  • Collaboration Suite Online Chat enhancement
  • Online Chat support has been added in Collaboration Suite offering private chat rooms of your team users. iNODE users can now chat live with collaborators while editing Office documents online.

  • System Storage support redesign
  • The storage support sub-system has been redesigned so that additional local or remote filesystems can be easily utilized by many services. This new functionality enhances file and mail server's storage options. Additional mail storage partitions can be easily added. Mail Partitions is the cornerstone of new Mail Archiving functionality mentioned below.

  • Mail Archiving
  • A new service has been implemented for Mail Archiving with user-configurable tasks. Its purpose is to relocate mail messages and mailbox folder to other Mail partitions or Mailbox path in the Mailbox tree. This allows better performance when users access their mailboxes, by preventing the accumulation of all emails in the users' folders. It is also possible to organize archived emails using the several options available.

  • IPSec VPN full options and multi-tunnel connections support
  • Fully customizable proposal sets are now supported in IPsec connections and each connection is able to have multiple tunnels for transporting several networks over the same connection. This feature allows simple configuration and better compatibility with 3rd party systems.

  • Mail service DKIM signing and AntiSpam DKIM checks
  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an email authentication method designed to detect forged sender addresses in emails (email spoofing), a technique often used in phishing and email spam. Now iNODE supports DKIM technology for better AntiSpam protection.

  • Security enhancements
  • Several new features have been added to enhance security on the system by updating software with security patches and hardening safety of Web UI.

    Important Note: Old GroupWARE (Horde) deprecation

    Up until v1.9.2 two GroupWARE applications were available. As noticed on previous release, one of them, old GroupWARE, which is based in Horde OSS project had become obsolete and was scheduled to be removed in next release. So in this release old Groupware has been completely removed from the system and will no longer be available so you need to migrate your data before upgrade. Old GroupWARE users are advised to follow transition instructions to the new GroupWARE prior the upgrade to v1.9.4. Please check v1.9.4 release notes for further details.

All customers with active support contracts are kindly asked to upgrade their installation to 1.9.4.

You can find more details on iNODE v1.9.4 Release Notes document.