iNODE™ v1.9.1 Released

16 April, 2018

iNODE version 1.9.1 has just been publicly released after extensive beta testing. This release includes many new features, security enhancements and bug fixes.

The most noticeable new features and enhancements includes the following:
  1. New Collaboration Suite
  2. New Collaboration Suite Application which is based on Nextcloud provides a self-hosted file sharing and communication platform. Users can access and sync their files and communicate and collaborate across their devices from anywhere. It also allows users to easily share files with other users, or create password protected public links to let others download or even upload files and get all related notifications on their phone or desktop. In the near future we’ll enhance Collaboration Suite with more features and applications. Soon we will enhance Collaboration Suite with more Communication tools.

  3. Public Calendar & Address books support
  4. In previous version, caldav and carddav was made available to provide personal address books and calendars stored on the mail server. It is now possible to use shared calendars and shared address books. Top level collections of address books and calendars must be created in order to use this feature, using a tool in mailboxes management. This tool will create the two top level mailbox collections and allow the creation of shared calendars and shared address books.

  5. Private File sharing cloud
  6. It is now possible to use new Collaboration Suite as a central File Server on the cloud and work remotely by syncing local working copies to your central cloud file server. Use iNODE to create and sync your private Cloud Drive anywhere on any device. Install nextcloud application on any device and work remotely.

All customers with active support contracts are kindly asked to upgrade their installation to version 1.9.1.

You can find more details on iNODE v1.9.1 Release Notes document.