As a leader in integrated networking software, iNODE is frequently in the news. In this section you'll find a broad range of topics - from industry recognition milestones to product announcements. Turn here for all current and archived iNODE news.

12 April, 2006

The update to latest release 1.4.0 of previous version 1.3.0f is available for Download. All currently supported iNODE customers are kindly requested to upgrade to 1.4.0. For more details on new features and Enhancements of version 1.4.0 please read the respective Documentation. read more...

10 February, 2006

The long waiting 1.4 release becames available on 10/2/2006 with too many new features and enhansements. For the full list of these facilities check the iNODE™ v1.4.0 Release Notes into the Downloads section. For any question about new version do not hesitate to contact us at support at read more...

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