iNODE offers an intuitive and easy to use administration interface. The access to this interface can be limited only to the LASN. The administrator can utilize a number of intuitive wizards that will assist in the parameterization and configuration of the system.

The operation and performance of the system are under the control of the administrator, monitoring the status of the system in real-time. The system offers a number of meaningful reports and logs for this purpose, complemented with graphs for the majority of the services.


iNODE supports the SNMP protocol for the LAN and WAN ports so that the monitoring of the system can be done with the use of NMS or MRTG tools. In addition it is also possible to monitor the iNODE system with the use of NMS tools that support monitoring of protocols such as tcp, udp, icmp etc. The powerful backup mechanisms with which iNODE, is equipped allows quick and safe recovery of the system in case there is a catastrophic failure regardless of the cause. The backup mechanism keeps copies of the configuration files and any other vital information needed to restore the system to operation in the quickest possible time period. It is with the same ease that copies of mailboxes and faxes are being kept automating the procedure for iNODE users. This can be achieved with the use of any backup application that can operate with the use of a single URL.

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