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Requires iNODE version 1.8.7a
Date Published 03/03/2017 09:19


This patch includes bugfixes for iNODE™ v1.8.7a so can be installed on any installation with a valid contract.

The following has been fixed with this patch :
  • Issue #2110 Downloading attachments from webmail may fail when using proxy server Connecting to some microsoft servers over a proxy connection may fail due to the fact that the server hostname may resolve to several IPs, of which only specific IPs accept the connection based on the geolocation of the client. The proxy server would only attempt to connect to the first 10 IPs and give up if the attempts fail. The number of connection attempts has now increased to 25 with the possibility to further increase if necessary.

This patch should only be installed on release 1.8.7a via update page of web management interface ( "Maintenance::System::Update").
Note: Application of this patch will reboot the system so it is recommended to apply it at a convenient time window.

MD5 Checksum: 2cef9189a9bba96fb01343ea0c03d578

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