iNODE v1.8.7 official release

11 July, 2016

This release includes several new features, security enhancements as well as many bug fixes and security patches. It is the most secure version ever.

The major enhancements are:

  1. Security patches and enhancements
  2. This release contains all the current security patches and can be assumed a 1.8.7 running system is more secure than ever.

  3. UEFI Systems support
  4. UEFI systems are now fully supported so iNODE is capable to run on modern hardware.

  5. New certificate Manager
  6. A redesigned certificate management system is included in this release.

    All customers with active support contracts are kindly asked to upgrade their installation to version 1.8.7. You can find more details on iNODE v1.8.7 Release Notes document.