iNODE v1.8.6 released

08 March, 2016

This version includes several new features, security enhancements as well as many bug fixes and security patches.

The major enhancements are:

  1. New GroupWARE/Webmail UI
  2. A new GroupWARE application has been included in this release with feature rich and powerful Web UI.

  3. SIP support for T38 fax
  4. All customers with Fax service license have now the possibility to connect to Fax Network by using T.38 IP Fax services via SIP in addition to H.323 protocol.

  5. A new notification system
  6. A new, fully customizable notification system for system events has been implemented. Scheduled tasks and several actions generate events that can trigger notifications based on custom rules.

  7. Bayesian classifier auto-training using IMAP folders
  8. It is now possible to automatically train the Bayesian classifier can be trained using messages stored in IMAP folders. Shared folders and/or subfolders in user mailboxes can be used. Users can store spam and ham messages to the designated folders and the Bayesian classifier can periodically trained using these messages.

  9. Security fixes and UI improvements
You can find more details on iNODE v1.8.6 Release Notes document.