iNODE™ Release 1.5.1

31 October, 2007

iNODE™ Release 1.5.1

This release adds some new features and enhancements. All new features and enhancements are available to all existing and new customers with a valid support contract.

New features and enhancements are:

  • New driver's architecture
  • File Server Quota support
  • Diagnostics Report snapshot
  • Active in/out SMTP sockets number
  • Connection rate limit support on Firewall
  • Improved performance on Quarantine management
  • Proxy forwarding fallback
  • iNODE Groupware application updated
  • Better SyncML support on iNODE™ Groupware
  • License file backup
  • AutoWhiteList maintenance

Also 21 bug fixes is included as well as better Dialogic Fax board support and some new storage drivers addition.

For more details please consult iNODE™ v1.5.1 Release Notes Document.