iNODE™ release 1.5.0

27 June, 2007

iNODE™ Release 1.5.0

There are many new features on release 1.5.0. All new features and enhancements are available to all existing and new customers with a valid support contract.

A new kernel v2.6 carefully designed and tuned is included in this release with support of the following system features:

  • Max system memory (RAM) is 64GB
  • SMP support (Max CPUs supported is 8)
  • SCSI and RAID controllers support apart from SATA/IDE
  • 10Gbps NIC driver support
  • USB keyboard support

New kernel improves system performance also on the same hardware due to 2.6 kernel design which is more server oriented with better memory management, better SMP support and modern operating system techniques.

iNODE customers with Email license and a valid support contract are able to use the new Webmail/GroupWARE service without any additional cost.

Access to user mailbox is possible via any browser with support of 44 languages. Users can now view, forward, reply, redirect, archive their messages to user defined folders or even compose a new email. Access to Webmail is possible via any browser to the http port of any IP address or hostname that is attached to iNODE. https access is also possible to Webmail for increased security.

Webmail service together with IMAP4 will allow mobile users to access their mailboxes from anywhere even from a PDA.

File Sharepoints is now reachable also via FTP apart from CIFS/SMB. Remote Users are now able to access their files via FTP. A powerful FTP Server is integrated seamlessly with existing File Server.

Proxy forwarding. It is possible now to instruct the proxy server to forward all received requests to another proxy server.

For a short description of enhancements and new services please see below:

  1. New kernel with increased performance
  2. Email Server with Webmail support
    • Webmail/ GroupWARE Support (http/https)
    • IMAP4 support
      • Mailbox quota support
      • Public Mailbox support
      • Mailbox rights management
      • IMAP4 IDLE support
    • Sender BCC
    • Secure SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 support
    • Concurrent SMTP connections Limit
  3. Shared Calendars
  4. Shared Address Books
  5. New Content Filtering Engines
  6. File Server FTP access
  7. Direct Fax document printing on Fax Server
  8. Proxy Forwarding
  9. Other Enhancements
    • Password recovery
    • Exporting Users in CSV
    • Firewall Application match support
    • Default Transparent Proxy include FTP
    • Public/Personal Address Book
    • Personal/Shared Calendar Support
    • Release Quarantined messages

Minimum system requirements for this release are 256MB RAM and 6GB free disk space.

For more details on release 1.5.0 please see on iNODE v1.5.0 Release Notes.